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Monday, June 7, 2010

Debbie Does Orlando

I have been crazy busy the past couple days as The Fringe Festival led into a brief work week which led directly into Gay Days Orlando. One of the highlights for me this year at Gay Days was the Debbie Gibson concert. Now I loved Debbie when I was a kid; but frankly until last week, I have not thought about her in about 15 years. I am hardly what someone might call a nostalgia junkie. However, I have to say Debbie puts on a fab show! She sounds as good and looks as good as she did back in the 80's (although she admitted she's celebrating her 40th birthday this year). I always think it's sad to see celebs, especially musicians, out and about performing when they are clearly past their prime. While Debbie sang mostly retro songs, she had such energy that it didn't feel dated. I think that's the mark of a true performer. Great job Debbie! You made me a fan all over again. I am posting a link to "Foolish Beat" because YouTube vids seem to appear weird on the blog.

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