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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oprah isn't the only one with favorite things...

Been on a bit of a holiday hiatus but I'm officially back! This week, Oprah brought out her favorite things. I am not really a Oprah fan, but I thought it would a good time to unveil MY favorite things in time for the holidays! This is what I am looking forward to this holiday season:

1) Me by Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. He's hot, Latin, and has great music. I am definitely curious to read his autobiography and found out what makes him tick.

2) Pink Martini Joy to the World
Pink Martini's music is so light and great, of course they had to make a holiday album. I'm looking forward to hearing this. As if it couldn't get any better, Ari Shapiro sings on several tracks!

3) The Complete Golden Girls 25th Anniversary Set
I won't lie, it's all about getting Sophia's purse! (The box set comes in a bamboo purse a la Sophia Petrillo).

4) Howl
I love Allen Ginsberg. I love James Franco. I was a little concerned that these two great tastes would not go great together, but the previews look good! I have to see it in the theater.

5) Beaujolais Nouveau
Technically, wine is not usually a culture I discuss on this blog. However, I always look forward to the arrival of the beaujolais nouveau wine that is usually only available between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will be drinking a glass with my Thanksgiving turkey!

Enjoy your holiday!