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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome to Miami!

Alright, I know some of my readers blanch when I say I love the Real Housewives franchises, but they are truly my guilty pleasure. I think I am already addicted to Miami and there's only been one episode. I just see a lot of potential for drama and RH craziness already! So here's some thoughts, broken down housewife by housewife:

Lea: So far, Lea is definitely my favorite. She's seems slightly off (Case in point: That creepy painting of her son) and has an infinity for collecting colorful people. I think the scene where she hugged Dennis Rodman told us LOADS about her. I can definitely relate to enjoying be surrounded by interesting people so Lea had me in the first ten minutes. She appears to cause some drama later by saying Marysol's fiance is marrying her for a green card and having several battles with Christy. Basically, I can't wait to see her get going.

Marysol: I like Marysol, despite her neurotic tendencies and her inflated lips that look like the result of a bee allergy. Of course, I also adore Elsa, Marysol's psychic mother. (Marysol looks normal compared to Elsa, who looks like a definite plastic surgery don't). Her relationship with a younger man seems like it's going to be playing a big role in the show.

Alexia: Alexia is cool, maybe wound a little tightly. She has caused controversy ALREADY with her comments about underage drinking and letting her teenage son party at night. I have to cop to the fact that I was drooling in my socks over Alexia's son Peter until I realized he was only 18! Anyway, she could be interesting, but she may also be the calm center in the show (there's always one). I can't decide.

Larsa: Larsa already seems to be a fan favorite. She definitely seems the most normal, with her children and her long marriage to Scottie Pippin. I like Larsa, and I'm already picturing her being the calm center/ peacemaker (more likely than Alexia).

Christy: Christy reminds me of several Latinas I've met here in Florida. She's sassy, brassy and lives life like a bull in a china shop. You'll either adore her or she'll annoy the hell out of you. I can't decide yet how I feel about her.

Adriana: If anyone will be the Danielle/Kelly/Camille of Miami, it will be Adriana. Things we already know about Adriana: 1) She'll do anything on a dare 2) She likes to be a spectacle (ie the catwalk and dancing at that bar with two guys) and 3) She has been unable to actually go through with her wedding with her fiance. This seems like a formula for crazy already!

I. Can. Not. Wait. Until. Next. Week!!!

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