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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oscar Time!

Sunday is the Oscar awards, also a gay high holy day. While I can't say I've seen many movies this year, I have some thoughts to share:

1) I've only seen 2 of the movies nominated, but I can't imagine any of the movies nominated were as good as The King's Speech. Awesome cinema experience, go see it if you have not! I hope it gets Best Picture and Colin Firth gets Best Actor.

2) I really hope I get to see The Kids Are Alright, 127 Hours and The Social Network (I know, I know, I think I'm the last person not to see it!)

3) Natalie Portman definitely deserves the Oscar for Black Swan. Crazy movie, but wonderful as well.

4) Toy Story 3? Really? Ok.

5) Anne Hathaway and James Franco were a great idea as co-hosts. James is rather amazing (*sigh*) and Anne is always funny in interviews. They will also bring in a younger crowd.

Some Oscar trivia:

*The Oscar statue costs about $500 to make and weighs about 8.5 pounds.

*The youngest person to ever win an Oscar was Tatum O'Neal at the age of 10 for Paper Moon. The oldest person to ever win was Jessica Tandy at 81 for Driving Miss Daisy.

*Hattie McDaniel was the first African-American to win an Oscar. She had to sit in a segregated section of the theater.

*Only one family has produced three generations of Oscar winners: The Hustons (Walter, John, and Anjelica).

*The person with the most Oscar nominations is Walt Disney, with 59.

*Cary Grant was never nominated for an Oscar. He was given an honorary one for his body of work later in life.

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