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Friday, April 9, 2010

RH of NYC Part Deux

Go Team Frankel!

Forgive my indulgences to talk again about the Real Housewives of New York City, but I just had to throw in my two cents about the season and damn it, it's my blog! So here's my opinion, broken down housewife by housewife:

Bethenny: In my previous post, I mentioned that B is my favorite of all the Housewives ever. Despite her clashes without many of her castmates this season, my opinion of her hasn't changed. I am totally team Frankel on the feud that rocked the franchise, Frankel vs. Zarin. More about the feud later. I can't believe her father wouldn't see her when she flew to LA. Honestly, what could she have done when that would make him hold that grudge so deeply?

Alex: I have to honest, Alex was my least favorite housewife Season 1 and somewhere just above Kelly during Season 2. I always felt she spent too much time talking about her great love for her husband and her brilliant (yet unruly) children. However, I must say I am coming to like Alex this season. She's not joined at the hip with Simon and she's shut up about her kids (maybe she watched the footage). Anyways take that artifice away, she is actually very likable. She comes off this season as the voice of calm and the level headed one. Despite a few flare-ups with Jill, she is the only one not in a feud with someone else in the cast.

LuAnn: LuAnn seems a little lost this season, probably still reeling from her divorce. Sometimes she seems in control of her life; other times she seems like a raw nerve. I happened to agree with her in a mini-feud with Mario, but why did she have to pick at it with Ramona? She must be aware that Ramona is a little loopy and would take it the wrong way. I also hate the way she has treated Bethenny, in the attack at the bar and for getting in the middle of the Bethenny/ Jill feud. Which brings me to:

I have always liked Jill. She was spunky and outspoken but she always seemed like she had a good heart. However, I can't believe how she is being with Bethenny. Bethenny has tried three times during the show to reach out and Jill can't be bothered. She claims she was hurt and she cried but she has to get passed that if you want to repair the relationship! Even though I was always Team Frankel, I wanted to give Jill the benefit of the doubt.

However, that email to Kelly speaks volumes of Jill's character. Bethenny claims that Jill wants undying loyalty and Jill proved it by telling Kelly they couldn't be friends if she liked Bethenny! (Bethenny and Kelly don't even really like each other, they are cordial for goodness' sake! They just don't rip each other's throats out upon seeing one another!) It's also telling that Jill has taken LuAnn under her wing like she did after the divorce. Bethenny says Jill likes an underdog (well, actually Ramona said it), and isn't LuAnn now the underdog with her divorce? Sorry Jill, but you really screwed this one up! She seemed on the verge of a breakthrough during the so-called ambush, hopefully that's a good sign....

Ramona is acting like a IED this season because you never know when she will blow! For the most part, I think she has been classless, especially confronting Kelly about her breasts at the Saks party. I actually felt bad for Kelly,which has never happened! I do give her points for trying to get Jill and Bethenny to talk, even if she went about it wrong.

Kelly: The only revelations I've had about Kelly this season is that she is even more shallow than I initially thought. For instance, I can understand being flattered and honored about posing for Playboy after 40, but she talked about it like she was chosen to be a Rhodes scholar. The best moment, possibly all season, was when she told her daughters about Playboy and she asked her daughter if they knew why this was important and her youngest: "It's important because you can entertain people with your weirdness!" I almost fell off the couch laughing! I'm glad even her children realize how weird she is!

I am looking forward to seeing the fallout of all this turmoil this season, especially the reunion!

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