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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Midnight Madness

So I went on my first foray to the Florida Film Festival 2010 and watched the Midnight Shorts program with a few friends from Rollins. Midnight showings are always notorious for being a little racier and gorier than the usual festival fare. We watched 17 short films in all, so it's a little difficult to talk about them all in a blog. However, I'll mention some highlights and ones that just stood out:

BMZ (Director: Corky Quakenbush): One of the shortest of the shorts, by definitely a favorite. BMZ lampooned the paparazzi-celeb relationship portraying cartoon characters as out of control celebs. Hilarious!

Oral Report (Director: Daniella Urdinlainz): Another animated short short and also very funny. Juju, a third-grader in Catholic school, tells the story how her gay neighbors fell in love. Fabulous!

Tub (Director: Bobby Miller) : Tub tells the story of Paul, a chronic masturbator who can't get close to his girlfriend. He discovers his sessions in the shower create a rather hideous baby. This one just stood out, and was probably a little longer than it needed to be.

True Confessions
(Director: Ian Miller) : Another short short of the animated variety! (I didn't realized I had this bias.) True Confessions is based on a phone call from a drug addict hotline. Another one that made me laugh out loud.

(Director: Joseph Ernst) : Feeder gave a new meaning to a "unique perspective." The whole film is shot from the vantage point of the inside of someone's mouth and all the things that go into that mouth (including someone else's tongue!). Much of the movie was hard to watch because of a major gross out factor (I will never chew gum again), but I guarantee it's something I will never see anywhere else!

Treevenge (Director: Jason Eisner) : Treevenge tells the story of killer Christmas trees who rise up against the humans who decorate them. It's just as funny and gory as it sounds, and it made me want to only celebrate Hanukkah.

Here's the complete list. There's another showing of the Midnight Shorts on Saturday April 17.

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